Fife Leagues Round 1

Fins’ swimmers were in action last Sunday with 41 swimmers taking part in the first round of the Fife Leagues at the Michael Woods Centre in Glenrothes.
11 swimmers competed in the Novice League and 30 in the League and both groups produced outstanding performances. In both Leagues swimmers are allowed a maximum of two swims and in the League 22 of the 30 swimmers gained a top 3 placing with 14 wins, 8 second placings and 10 third placings. Of the remaining swimmers 7 gained a top 10 placing and more importantly they produced an improvement rate of 90%, and even better to see some of the younger swimmers making it through to compete at this level and to be in contention.
Three of the swimmers were double winners and they were –
Caitlyn Dodds, 15/O girls’, 1st – 50m Backstroke and 100m Breaststroke
Michael Strang, 13/14 boys’, 1st – 200m Backstroke and 100m Butterfly
Kyle Pate, 16/O boys’, 1st – 200m Backstroke and 100m Butterfly
A further three swimmers had a win and second place and they were –
Erin Taylor, 11/12 girls’, 1st – 50m Backstroke; 2nd – 100m Butterfly
Stephanie Strang, 15/O girls’, 1st – 100m Freestyle; 2nd – 200m Backstroke
Arran Stowe, 15/O boys’, 1st – 100m Backstroke: 2nd – 200m Backstroke.
The remaining winners were –
Rhianna Henderson, 11/12 girls’, 1st – 100m backstroke; 3rd – 200m Backstroke
Ne┼ża Dolenc-Luznar, 13/14 girls’, 1st – 100m Butterfly, 3rd – 200m Backstroke
Ailey Davidson, 9/10 girls’, 1st – 100m Breaststroke; 5th – 50m Backstroke
Lyndsey Haig, 11/12 girls’, 1st – 100m Freestyle; 5th – 200m Backstroke
Tianna Pease, 15/O girls’, 1st – 100m Backstroke; 6th – 200m Backstroke.
Remaining medallists were –
Kirsty Davis, 15/O girls’, 2nd – 100m Breaststroke; 3rd – 200m Backstroke
Callum MacDonald, 15/O boys’, 2nd – 100m Backstroke; 3rd – 200m Backstroke
Isla Haig, 9/10 girls’, 2nd – 100m Freestyle; 4th – 50m Backstroke
Esme Lee, 11/12 girls’, 2nd – 100m Breaststroke; 4th – 50m Backstroke
Skye Kelly, 13/14 girls’, 2nd – 100m Breaststroke
Erin O’Connor, 13/14 girl’, 3rd – 100m Butterfly; 5th – 200m Backstroke
Euan Pate, 15/O boys’, 3rd – 100m Freestyle; 5th – 200m Backstroke
Mark Scott, 11/12 boys’, 3rd – 100m Backstroke; 6th – 200m Backstroke
Julie Davidson, 13/14 girls’, 3rd – 100m Backstroke; 7th – 200m Backstroke
Kimberley McCabe, 15/O girls’, 3rd – 100m Butterfly; 7th – 50m Breaststroke
Peter Strong, 15/O boys’, 3rd – 100m Breaststroke; 7th – 50m Backstroke
Remaining top ten swimmers were –
Arwen McGloin, 11/12 girls’, 4th – 100m Freestyle; 5th – 200m Backstroke
Kadan Yousif, 13/14 boys’, 6th – 50m Backstroke; 7th – 100m Backstroke
Emma Peggie, 13/14 girls’, 7th – 100m Freestyle; 9th – 50m Backstroke
Abbie Taylor, 15/O girls’, 7th – 100m Freestyle
Hannah Payne, 13/14 girls’, 8th – 50m Backstroke; 10th – 100m Backstroke
Sophie McGloin, 9/10 girls’, 9th – 50m Backstroke
Eve Goodfellow, 13/14girls’, 9th – 100m Breaststroke
The other swimmer was Emma Lorrainsmith, 13/14 girls’, who had a top finish of 13th and recorded a 2.27 second PB.
The top three improvements came from Eve Goodfellow – 13.62 seconds in 50m Backstroke; Erin O’Connor – 11.45 seconds in 100m Butterfly; and Esme Lee – 10.07 seconds in 50m Backstroke.
In the Novice League 11 swimmers competed and again returned an excellent improvement rate of 93%. One swimmer beat the time band and therefore cannot swim in that particular event in the next rounds of the league, there was a second place finish plus 2 third places and four more swimmers achieved a top ten spot.
The swimmer who broke the time band was Ana Doherty, 10/O girls’, who recorded 40.40 seconds for her 50m Freestyle.
The 2nd placed swimmer was Ailsa Burns, 10/O girls’, in her 50m Backstroke.
The two 3rd placed swimmers were Cairn Pease 9/10 boys’, in the 25m Backstroke and Ryan Finnie, 10/O boys’, in his 50m Backstroke. Cairn also had a 5th place in his 50m Backstroke.
The four swimmers to gain a top ten finish were –
Steven Hardie, 10/O boys’, 5th – 50m Freestyle
Finn Doherty, 10/O boys’, 6th – 50m Breaststroke
Stewart Payne, 10/0 boys’, 7th – 50m Butterfly
Heidi Mellon, 10/O girls’, 10th – 50m Butterfly.
In terms of improvement two of the swimmers reached double figures and they were Cairn who reduced his 50m Backstroke by 11.55 seconds, and Stewart who reduced his 50m Butterfly by 10.90 seconds.
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