Thirteen Fins’ swimmers travelled a bit further afield last Saturday and Sunday when they competed in the Ren96 Open Meet, held at the Linwood Sports Centre. They contested a total of 67 swims returning a much better improvement rate of 61%, which was reflected in the results, with two meet records, six gold, two silver and three bronze medals plus a further forty top ten finishes. The 100m events were heats and finals and 200m, and over, were heat declared winner.
Top swimmer for Fins’ was Caitlyn Dodds, 12/13 girls’, with both meet records and six of the 7 gold medals. Her meet records came in the 100m Butterfly in a time of 1 min. 6.56 seconds and the 100m Backstroke in a time of 1 min. 7.05 seconds.
Caitlyn’s gold medals were won in the 100m Backstroke; 50m, 100m, 200m and 400m Freestyle; and the 200m Individual Medley. She also won a silver medal in the 100m Butterfly and was placed 5th in the 100m Breaststroke.
Caitlyn set the meet record for the 100m Butterfly in the heats but could not quite maintain the performance in the final where she was just 0.24 seconds slower and lost out in a very close finish by 0.13 seconds, so still maintained the record.
The remaining gold medal was won by Callum MacDonald, 14/15 boys’, who won the 100m Freestyle. Callum also won a bronze medal in the 100m Backstroke and was placed 5th in the 50m Freestyle and 9th in both the 200m and 400m Freestyle.
The remaining silver medal was won by Kyle Pate, 16/o boys’, in the 200m Backstroke. Kyle also won a bronze medal in the 100m Backstroke and just missed out on a second, finishing 4th in the 400m Individual Medley. He also had a 6th place finish in the 200m Freestyle and 7th place in the 400m Freestyle.
Sam Lewis, 14/15 boy’s, won a bronze medal in his 200m Breaststroke, and again just missed out on a second, finishing 4th in the 100m Breaststroke. He also had two 6th place finishes in the 200m and 400 Individual Medley.
Fins’ final medal was won by Claire Thomson, 14/15 girls’ winning bronze in the 200m Freestyle. Claire also just missed out on a second bronze finishing 4th in the 100m Backstroke. She also had a 7th place in the 200m Individual Medley; 8th in the 400m Freestyle and 10th in the 100m Freestyle.
The remaining top ten finishes were:
Arran Stowe, 15/o boys’, who finished 4th in both the 200m Freestyle and 200m Breaststroke and 5th in the 200m and 400m Individual Medley; and the 100m and 400m Freestyle.
Michael Strang, 12/13 boys’, - 6th – 200m Individual Medley; 7th – 200m Freestyle; 8th in both the 50m and 100m Freestyle; and 9th – 100m Backstroke.
Stephanie Strang, 15/o girls’, - 6th – 50m Freestyle; 9th – 100m Backstroke
Euan Pate, 14/15 boys’, - 6th – 200m Butterfly
Lucy Brice, 14/15 girls’, - 7th – 100m Breaststroke; 8th – 200m Freestyle; 10th – 50m Freestyle.
Kirsty Davis, 14/15 girls’, - 7th – 200m Butterfly; 10th in both the 100m Backstroke and 200m Breaststroke.
Ne┼ża Lunar, 12/13 girls’, - 8th – 200m Freestyle; 9th – 200m Individual Medley; 10th in both the 400m Freestyle and 400m Individual Medley.
The top three improvements came from Kyle, who reduced his 200m Freestyle by 9.40 seconds; Michael, who reduced his 200m Individual Medley by 8.56 seconds; and Kirsty, who reduced her 100m Backstroke by 5.17 seconds.
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