swiMark, Open Water and Fife Championships

This week has seen some good news for the Kirkcaldy based club. At the beginning of the week they were informed by Scottish Swimming that they had been awarded the prestigious ‘swiMark’ accreditation, and on Friday evening at Kirkcaldy Leisure Centre the club were presented with their certificate by Eilidh McCall-Lawrie of Scottish Swimming.
swiMark is awarded to clubs who demonstrate effectively that they have safe operating procedures, a commitment to creating sustainable development pathways for swimmers, run the club in line with Scottish Swimming policies and ensure that they satisfy Scottish Swimming in terms of governance of the club.
The picture shows a group of Fins’ swimmers and coaches being presented with the certificate by Eilidh.
Other good news came for Kyle Pate who has been named in the Scottish East District Team to compete at the ASA Inter-Counties Team Championships to be held at Pond Forge Pool in Sheffield on Sunday 23 October. Kyle will swim in the 100m and 200m Backstroke plus the 200m Individual Medley.
17 year old Arran Stowe has been continuing his Open Water campaign when he competed in the Scottish West District Open Water Championships at Loch Ken, Dumfries and Galloway, two weeks ago where he gained a 4th place in the Senior 4 Kilometre race. More importantly Arran is gradually closing the gap on the two, more experienced, brothers Mark and Scott Deans from City of Glasgow Club.
Last Sunday Arran was on home territory for the Scottish East District Open Water Championships, held at Lochore Meadows in Fife, where he retained his East District Open Water Title over a 2 Kilometre course. And this year he was overall winner of the Open Event.
This was the final event of the Open Water calendar for 2016 and was part of the Scottish Grand Prix. Sunday’s result should confirm Arran as 3rd overall in the Senior Grand Prix, which is quite an achievement in just his second year of Open Water Swimming and the first year he has completed the Grand Prix circuit.
The previous Sunday 33 Fins’ swimmers got the second half of the year off to a good start when 9 swimmers competed in the Geordie Wotherspoon Championships, for novice swimmers, and the remaining 24 swimmers in the Fife Championships. Following on from the summer break the swimmers maintained their high level of improvement with the novice swimmers returning a 100% improvement rate while those in the Championships had a very good 79% improvement rate.
The Fife Championships were made up of 50m swims in all four strokes, with heats and finals plus a 100m Individual Medley which was a heat declared winner event.
Overall 9 swimmers won four gold, twelve silver and eight bronze medals and a further 10 swimmers gained a top ten finish.
Top swimmer from Fins was Kyle Pate, 15/o boys, wining gold in the 50m Breaststroke; 50m Backstroke and 100m Individual Medley plus bronze in the 50m Butterfly.
The remaing gold medal was won by Michael Strang, 13/14 boys, in the 50m Butterfly. Michael also won a bronze in the 100m Individual Medley and finished 4th in the 50m Breaststroke; 5th – 50m Freestyle: and 7th – 50m Backstroke.
A swimmer who must consider herself very unfortunate not to win at least one gold was Caitlyn Dodds who had to settle for four silvers in the 50m Freestyle; Butterfly and Backstroke plus the 100m Individual Medley with the biggest gap between her and the winner being 0.33 seconds.
Mark Scott, 10/u boys, won two silver in the 50m Freestyle and 50m Breaststroke and three bronze in the 50m Butterfly, 50m Backstroke and 100m Individual Medley.
Arran Stowe, 15/o boys, also won two silver in the 50m Freestyle and 50m Breaststroke; 4th – 100m Individual Medley, and 5th – 50m Backstroke
Claire Thomson, 15/o girls, again won two silver in her 50m Butterfly and 100m Individual Medley, plus a 5th place in the 50m Backstroke; 7th – 50m Breaststroke and was 1st. reserve (9th) in the 50m Freestyle.
Theo Goodfellow, 13/14 boys, won silver in the 100m Individual Medley and bronze in the 50m Backstroke and he had two 4th places in the 50m Freestyle and 50m Butterfly. He also qualified in pole position for the 50m Breaststroke but unfortunately was disqualified in the final for a technical infringement.
Lucy Brice, 15/o girls won the final silver medal for her 50m Freestyle and bronze in the 50m Breaststroke. She also finished 6th in the 50m Butterfly and was 1st reserve for the 50m Backstroke.
The final two bronze medals were won by Kiara Mackay, 15/o girls, in her 50m Butterfly and 50m Backstroke. She also finished 4th in both the 50m Freestyle and 100m Individual Medley and was 6th in the 50m Breaststroke.
The remaining swimmers who made a top ten placing were:
Sam Lewis, 15/o boys, 4th – 50m Breaststroke; 6th – 100m Individual Medley; and 7th – 50m Freestyle.
James Gray, 15/o boys, 4th – 50m Butterfly; 6th – 50m Breaststroke; and 10th – 100m Individual Medley.
Callum MacDonald, 15/o boys, 5th – 50m Freestyle and 6th in both the 50m Butterfly and Backstroke.
Kadan Yousif, 11/12 boys, 6th in both the 50m Freestyle and Backstroke; 7th – 100m Individual Medley
Kirsty Davis, 13/14 girls, 6th – 50m Breaststroke; 7th – 50m Freestyle; 8th – 100m Individual Medley; 1st reserve – 50m Butterfly.
Megan Ovens, 13/14 girls, 6th – 50m Butterfly; 2nd reserve 50m Freestyle
Erin O’Connor, 13/14 girls, 7th – 50m Backstroke
Erin Taylor, 11/12 girls, 8th in both the 50m Freestyle and Breaststroke; 9th – 100m Individual Medley
Abbie Taylor, 13/14 girls, 2nd reserve 50m Breaststroke
Euan Pate, 15/o boys, 2nd reserve 50m Butterfly
Top three improvements came from Theo Goodfellow, 13.93 seconds off his 100m Individual Medley, Mark Scott, 7.09 seconds off his 100m Individual Medley, and Kimberley McCabe 6.46 seconds off her 50m Backstroke.
The remaining swimmers to compete in the Championships were – Emma Lorrainsmith, Sophie Hill, Kieran Carr, and Peter Scott.
In the Geordie Wotherspoon Championships Fins’ swimmers won two medals, a gold and silver and further six swimmers gained a top ten finish. All the swims were heat declared winner.
The gold medal was won by Finn Doherty, 9/u boys, in the 25m Backstroke and the silver medal by Hannah Payne, 10/12 girls, in the 50m Backstroke.
The remaining swimmers finished as follows:
Heidi Mellon, 9/u girls, 4th – 25m Backstroke; 7th – 25m Freestyle
Cairn Pease, 9/u boys, 5th – 25m Breaststroke
Holly Armit, 10/12 girls, 6th – 50m Breaststroke
Emma Steedman, 10/12 girls, 7th – 50m Butterfly
Scott Bonnar, 9/u boys, 8th – 25m Freestyle
Esme Lee, 10/12 girls, 9th – 50 Freestyle
Ashton Gilmour, 10/12 girls, - 12th – 50m Backstroke
The 10/12 girls 4x25m Medley Relay team of Ashton, Holly, Emma and Esme finished in 7th place.
Top Improvers were Esme who reduced her 50m freestyle time by 9.77 seconds and Cairn who reduced his 25m Breaststroke time by 6.14 seconds.
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