Fife Leagues Round Three

Fins Competitive Swim Club
 The third round of the Fife Leagues were held recently at the Michael Woods Centre in Glenrothes and for the 33 Fins’ swimmers competing this turned out to be their most successful League to date.
Eight swimmers competed in the Novice League in 10 swims and returned a 90% improvement rate while in the Fife League 24 swimmers competed in 43 swims and returned an excellent 88% improvement rate. Ten of the swimmers in the Fife League gained a 1st place with five of them recording a double win. All 24 swimmers gained a top ten finish with just one swim failing to make the top 10.
The five swimmers to gain double wins were:
Caitlyn Dodds, 13/14 girls, 1st – 200m Backstroke; 1st – 100m Freestyle
Claire Thomson, 15/o girls, 1st – 100m Backstroke; 1st – 50m Butterfly
Rachel Brisbane, 15/o girls, 1st – 100m Butterfly; 1st – 200m Breaststroke
Michael Strang, 13/14 boys, 1st – 50m Butterfly; 1st – 100m Freestyle
Arran Stowe, 15/o boys, 1st – 100m and 200m Breaststroke.
From the group above the top swim came from 13 year old Caitlyn Dodds whose time of 2 min. 23.74 sec. in the 200m Backstroke was a 5.70 second PB and, subject to ratification, will move her from 8th place to 2nd place in the 13 year old girls Scottish Rankings. Caitlyn’s time was also the fastest 200m Backstroke of all girls’ age groups, in the Fife League, by almost 9 seconds.
The remaining five winners were:
Callum MacDonald, 15/o boys, 1st – 100m Backstroke; 2nd – 200m Backstroke
Kyle Pate, 15/o boys, 1st – 100m Butterfly; 2nd – 200m Breaststroke
Lucy Brice, 15/o girls, 1st – 50m Backstroke; 2nd – 100m Freestyle
Megan Ovens, 13/14 girls, 1st – 50m Butterfly; 2nd – 100m Backstroke
Erin O’Connor, 13/14 girls, 1st – 50m Backstroke; 3rd – 100m Backstroke
The remaining results were:
Kadan Yousif, 11/12 boys, 2nd – 50m Backstroke; 3rd – 100m Backstroke
Sam Lewis, 15/o boys, 2nd – 50 Butterfly; 3rd – 100m Freestyle
Ana Doherty, 10/12 girls, 2nd – 50m Butterfly
Euan Pate, 15/o boys, 3rd – 100m Butterfly; 3rd – 50m Butterfly
Tianna Pease, 13/14 girls, 3rd – 100m Breaststroke; 4th 200m Backstroke
Mark Scott, 10/12 boys, 3rd -50m Backstroke; 5th – 100m Individual Medley
Eilidh Davidson-Henderson, 8/10 girls, 3rd – 50m Backstroke
Emma Peggie, 13/14 girls, 5th – 50m Butterfly; 5th 100m Freestyle
Kimberley McCabe, 13/14 girls, 5th – 100m Butterfly; 6th – 200m Breaststroke
Jessica MacLeod, 11/12 girls, 5th – 100m Freestyle; 9th – 200m Backstroke
Leona Smith, 15/o girls, 5th – 50m Backstroke
Blaine Davidson-Henderson, 13/14 boys, 6th – 50m Backstroke; 7th – 100m Freestyle
Peter Scott, 13/14 boys, 6th – 200m Backstroke
Emma Lorrainesmith, 11/12 girls, 9th – 100m Backstroke.
Caitlyn Dodds’ time in her 200m Backstroke was the third largest improvement for Fins but the most improved swimmer was Kimberley McCabe who reduced her 200m Breaststroke by 14.70 seconds followed by Jessica MacLeod who reduced her 100m Freestyle time by 8.77 seconds.
In the Novice League there were no winners but there were two very creditable 2nd places when Holly Armit and Esme Lee, both 10/12 years girls, finished in 2nd place in the 50m Backstroke and 50m Breaststroke respectively. Esme lost out by just 0.28 seconds to another 10 year old competitor and Holly was even closer, missing out by 0.24 seconds but to a competitor 2 years her senior.
Seven of the eight swimmers gained a top ten finish and the other results were:
Ryan Finnie, 10/12 boys, 4th – 50m Backstroke
Cairn Pease, 9/u boys, 7th – 25m Butterfly
Jack Hamilton, 10/12 boys, 8th – 50m Breaststroke
Dawn Lawrie, 10/12 girls, 8th – 50m Butterfly
Matthew Willis, 10/12 boys, 10th – 50m Butterfly
The remaining swimmer was Scott Bonnar, 9/u boys, who was not far off with a 12th place finish in his 25m Breaststroke.
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